With an ingrained love for showing others the potential that we see in the world around us, the Zoe Murphy Design studio is a home proud place.


We’re nearly always found at the British seaside in Margate! Once a year we swap sandpaper for sketchbooks and travel somewhere new as inspiration for our annual collection – ‘Brilliant Print’.


Follow the journey online as we scoop up patterns, colours & craft techniques to bring home to England. From a summer of exploring and then sharing what we’ve seen with our community, we create the ‘Brilliant Print’ furniture & textiles - a souvenir of all of the best bits.


To coincide with the Turner Contemporary Summer of Colour Festival, this year the studio is bringing print and pattern from Mexico to Margate!


Keep up with our trip in late July, sign up below for email postcards, look out for our August events in Margate and visit the final collection at Liberty and the London Design Festival in September.


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