Launched in 2012, this new series of furniture from Zoe Murphy embodies the same core ethics of her first collection – to extend the lifecycle of a material/piece by involving the skill of a designer or craftsperson.


As well as drawing inspiration from a more contemporary mood board based on the colours and textures of 2012 Margate, the collection will also be looking ever closer at the materials it uses in it’s products. Every step will be taken to make the pieces as environmentally responsible as is possible. Furniture and textiles include organic cottons, British waste wool, water-based inks and varnishes, English hard woods, and recycled timber and hardboard.


Zoe is resolute that all designers and makers have an unshakable duty to encourage and provide the most environmentally intelligent products that they can. Sourcing and use of materials is every bit as important as the aesthetic of a piece.



This series of furniture and textiles are from the graduate collection by Zoe Murphy, with prints based on her seaside hometown of Margate in Kent.


This southeast resort, popular in the 1950’s, has suffered a sad lack of love and attention with many landmarks being closed, burned down, or removed. Zoe looks to Margate with its gaudy unpolished potential, to reflect her core values of ‘Love what belongs to you’. It is a place and thing that with good design, can be brought back to be something beautiful, desired, and respected.  |  07780 574 314  |  Website Design Feature Design

Images © Zoe Murphy 2012